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I did another twelve hour shift in the office. My boss was acting crazy since our company got sold to a larger corporation. Everybody had to prove themselves. Workaholism is a normal thing in the City especially among lawyers and financiers.

Like most of you probably know we often rely on the services of London escorts to be able to properly relax after a tough day. If you are ever looking for an escort in London I highly reccomend Cleopatra Escorts. Myself and my whole office have been using their services for over five years now and we have always been very satisfied.

Their girls have a reputation for being safe, classy and intelligent and I can personally guarantee for that. In fact over the years we built a whole community around meeting with those ladies after work and on weekends. It’s most guys from my office and pretty much all girls from Cleopatra. Sometimes they come to the office, other times we go on dinners but mostly we prefer to stay at The Dorchester on Hyde Park Lane. 

Dinner First

As I already mentioned we built a community with the girls and we have no issues going out with them in group. That night It was three of us – my colleagues Tom and Andy and myself.


We called our favourites Inna, Mia and Giovana. I was taking care of Mia, Tom of Giovanna and Andy asked for Inna as he had previously been in love with her. We went to a very posh restaurant in Mayfair and ordered some expensive French wine and almas caviar. Although we had chosen which girl is for each of us it was obvious that we couldn’t stop looking and savouring the other girls beauty. And I am not going to hide from you, we were all very open and we were all expecting a sharing experience later.

With those London escorts nothing was forbidden – BDSM, domination, owo, you name it. Anyway, we were enjoying the food a lot and were staring to get a little tipsy from the wine. Tom asked for some desserts and Giovanna quickly grabbed his hand and put it on her left tight whispering to him ‘Am I not enough as a desert’. It was so funny we all heard it but regardless of that we had some chocolate mousse and ordered more wine. After a lot of gossip and jokes Mia took the initiative and asked her to go to the large apartment we booked at The Dorchester. 

Royalty and Fetish

After a short but playful walk we entered our apartment. You may have seen photos but this hotel is a true architectural masterpiece. This is where the royalties of any country come when they visit London. The beds were from Maple timber, the floor and walls from marble and the chandelier was crystal and gold. There were two super large beds and we explicitly asked the staff to move them close to each other. Myself and Mia took one bed while the rest of the group went on the other.

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We started making up, slowly taking our clothes off. Mia’s perfume was unique, a floral scent of jasmine, violet leaves and lavender blossom, and combined with her clean mouth breath it just aroused me to a degree that no other woman ever had. Not even fifteen minutes have passed and I saw that the rest of the group was already in the act. At some point Giovanna went to her bag and took some handcuffs and a lash. Tom was a big fan of it.

The rest you can imagine.